Thank you for visiting Alerton Australia / Leading Edge Automation at the 2018 ARBS Exhibition

We would like to say a big thank you for visiting our stand at the ARBS Exhibition on 8-10th May at Sydney’s International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour.

Another great ARBS Exhibition!

It was a pleasure to meet all our visitors, giving us the great opportunity to share and exchange our experiences with you all and gain deeper insight into the challenges many are facing within the HVAC&R and building industry. We were really excited about all the visitors and would like to thank all of you for taking the time to talk with us. We hope you enjoyed the chance to have a chat with our experts and we’re looking forward to working together in the future.

The ARBS exhibition was packed everyday with an impressively large crowd and the conversations we had with our existing and prospective clients were very interesting. It was fantastic to see so many people at the ARBS exhibition who were keen to find out more about the best practice for building and energy management. We enjoyed speaking to many about the latest solutions available to create smarter buildings with intelligent efficiencies, while reducing energy consumption, operating and project costs.

Here are some highlights of the solutions that were shown at ARBS:

  •  • Condenser Water Loop Optimisation: Reduce energy consumption up to 70% with no negative effects to the tenants' systems by reconfiguring condenser water systems to be demand based.
  •  • Demand Limiting: Effectively control peak demand and energy costs by reducing a building’s demand for utilities.
  •  • Chilled Water System Optimisation: Improve central plant efficiency and achieve all-round better building performance by having a proficient understanding of chiller operation to create an efficient chiller control programs.
  •  • Car Park Exhaust Optimisation: Reduce energy consumption up to 60% with no negative effects on the life safety requirements endemic to all public car spaces by reconfiguring a car park exhaust system to be demand based.
  •   Platinum Maintenance Agreement: Reduce operating costs, achieve your NABERS Rating target and other sustainability initiatives by having the right tools to track building performance. Download the Platinum Maintenance Agreement PDF here.
  •  • Airside Optimisation: Enhance airside operations, reduce mechanical wear, filter changes and tenant complaints by improving predictability of mechanical conditions.
  •  • Energy Performance Contract: Maximise the potential energy savings in buildings and facilities where upgrades of equipment and energy systems are paid through energy savings.
AA LEA talk to visitors at ARBS Exhibition
AA LEA team talk to visitor at ARBS Exhibition
AA LEA team shows visitor controls at ARBS Exhibition
AA LEA team talk to visitors at ARBS Exhibition

If you have further inquiries or want more information about our services and solutions to help you create smarter buildings or save energy, contact us today!