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Implement the right building automation and controls to get the best performance out of your building

Building controls and building automation systems (BAS) facilitate the best performance out of any building by responding to the unique needs of facility occupants with a focus on running efficiently while maintaining comfort.

We can provide building control and automation services designed to let you enhance your building efficiency.

New construction projects for building controls

New Constructions

Start your project off in the direction from the very start with pre-commissioning and choosing the best controls to increase building efficiency.

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Retrofitted building upgraded with building controls

Retrofits & Upgrades

Reduce downtime as well as wasted time and money with rework by ensuring your building management system is maintained up-to-date with state of the art technology.

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Key features of our building automation solutions:

Open Systems

Systems based on the fully open-source native BACnet® and Modbus protocol.

Intuitive Interface

Our operating system interfaces instinctively help facility managers achieve maximum facility potential.

Unified Systems

Centralised alarm events from multiple building systems.

Live Notifications

Alarms, event routing and sequence of controls based on priority, day and time.

Key benefits of our building automation solutions:

Maximise efficiency

We aim to improve the overall efficiency of your controls to maximise the performance and energy efficiency of your building or facility.

Reduce costs

Save on your utility and maintenance costs by implementing building controls and BAS to cut down on wasted energy and equipment downtime.

Simplify building operations

With real-time information see exactly what is happening with all your building equipment.

Great investment

Let your BMS pay for itself within a couple of years.

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