Your Tridium Gold Systems Integration Partner

As a Tridium Gold Systems Integrator, Alerton Australia demonstrates top-tier proficiency in deploying and managing the Niagara Framework®. This esteemed certification recognises our exceptional ability to tailor integration solutions for complex building management systems around Australia.

What is Tridium?

Tridium is the developer of Niagara Framework® — a comprehensive software platform for the development and deployment of connected products and device-to-enterprise applications. Niagara provides the critical device connectivity, cyber security, control, data management, device management and user presentation capabilities needed to extract value and insight from real-time operational data. Tridium has built Niagara Framework on open-protocol standards, and it has brought it to market with an open distribution model. This open approach is core to Tridium’s success.

Today, there are over one million instances of Niagara at work in hundreds of thousands of projects worldwide. And, the large Niagara Community of customers and development partners is continuously at work improving our platform and expanding its scope. Our solutions allow diverse monitoring, control and automation systems to communicate and collaborate in buildings, data centers, manufacturing systems, smart cities and more. We create smarter, safer and more efficient enterprises and communities by enabling data-driven approaches to improving energy performance, indoor air quality and comfort.

Benefits of Tridium

What is the Niagara Framework?

The Niagara Framework® is a versatile software infrastructure that facilitates device-to-enterprise applications. It links real-time operational data to smart buildings, data centers, and other business domains, serving as a central console for managing workflows.

Niagara ensures secure connectivity and data normalization to access and leverage data from various devices and equipment.

The framework’s control engine allows monitoring and creating control logic based on observed data. Systems integrators can manage data flows, schedules, and alarms using built-in tools. They also have the option to develop custom interfaces or use pre-designed templates and components from Niagara partners for enhanced graphics and dashboarding.

Our solutions are valuable for

Building Owners

We can step in to enhance existing building operations or implement new integrations seamlessly

Facility Managers 

Our Tridium solutions support facility managers by ensuring optimal performance and ease of system management.

Mechanical Contractors

We provide indispensable support, especially when specifications demand Tridium integration. Our services extend to both ongoing support and new projects.

Tridium Product Line-up in APAC

The Niagara Framework® efficiently connects a range of Tridium products in the APAC region, including the JACE Controller, Niagara Edge 10, and other devices like the DDC, 7” touch screen panel, and Niagara Energy Management System. These products offer versatile integration solutions for smart buildings and other business sectors, enhancing connectivity and control. For more detailed information about the full product lineup, please visit Tridium’s APAC Products page.


Select Alerton Australia for Expert Tridium Integration

Work with Alerton Australia to benefit from our specialised knowledge in seamlessly integrating and managing your building systems using Tridium’s Niagara Framework. Our dedication to tailored solutions and attentive client service establishes us as your preferred partner for Tridium integration.