Ensure ongoing optimised building performance

We believe building maintenance should fit your property assets, not be a checklist box. Take the guesswork out of building services with data driven maintenance combining the best of insight and analytics, giving you the capability and tools you need to optimise faster.

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More freedom. More improvements. More results.

That’s data driven maintenance.

Want more freedom and lower operation costs?

Reporting on the operation of VSDs and valves to highlight any inefficiencies in the building’s operation.

Reporting on the operations of all site equipment to ensure correct status performance when equipment is required to be utilised. 

Consumption alarms where possible warn on your energy consumption and set an automatic action as soon as the energy consumption reaches a certain threshold.

We set up specific reports to track the utility consumption through the building and energy management swystem, providing you with the one centralised area to monitor.

Implementing smart alarming to minimise the impact of equipment being overridden or forgotten or running too long or too fast due to faulty equipment.

Utilise the technology to identify and diagnose issues, directing your technicians with opportunities for continuous improvement of building performance and optimisation.

Providing detailed reports of metering and BMS devices that are seen to have communication issues for further investigation.

Implementing smart reporting to identify sensors that are seen to be displaying abnormalities and investigating possible causes.

Get proactive results

Data driven maintenance leverages data to identify, report and enable your team to direct labour to major or minor areas of concern. Investigate and rectify issues in an efficient and streamlines approach compared to traditional planned preventative maintenance.

Building Performance Uplift

Lower operating and maintenance costs with optimised asset life life, reduced downtime and continuous system improvement.

Energy Optimisation

Improve energy efficiency, reduced energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions.


Achieve and maintain improved NABERS rating with complete system transparency of energy consumption

Asset Value

Enhanced building marketability with a sustainable and long-term building improvement strategy.

Maximise Returns

Rapid project payback periods based on energy and labour cost savings.

Tenant Satisfaction

Improved occupant comfort conditions and fewer tenant or staff complaints with a smoother system operations to ensure a higher tenant yield.

Don’t take our word for it.

Alerton Australia help our clients with improved visibility and understanding of asset operation to ensure optimal energy efficiency and improved building performance.

“Alerton Australia’s data driven maintenance has allowed us to proactively investigate and address areas of interest including high energy consumption, times of operation, functionality of asset and components, with the overall goal to reduce anticipated down-times, decrease energy costs and increase the lifecycle of the asset.

The detailed reports we receive make it easy to report findings to our client as each area of discussion has supporting graphics and diagramsthat easily highlight key information.

Overall, the maintenance model provides in-depth detail whilst also providing a consolidated overview of all components including clear areas of priority and recommended actions.”

Roxane Tuara, Facilities Manager, Shell House Perth WA

Leading industry data driven maintenance

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