Quick Notes

Sector: Commercial

Contract Type: BMS & EMS

Developer: Super Property

Location: 477 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 


The background

Sydney Central is a popular building located at 477 Pitt Street, comprising two buildings. One is a 32-storey tower with two floors of retail space, 30 commercial office floors and two levels of basement car parking while the other is a 10-storey commercial office wing backing onto Hay Streets light line.

The challange

The challenge was to reduce energy consumption, and increase Sydney Central’s building star rating and capital value, while performing system upgrades in a live building without affecting tenant control.

Our solution

  • Supply and install condenser water shut-off valves that isolate whole floors or individual packaged air-conditioning units when not required, reducing demand on the base building condenser water system.
  • Supply and install variable speed drives on pumps and fans to allow speed modulation and turn down in low load scenarios.
  • Ensure that sufficient water flow through package units and computer room air conditioning units are maintained at all times.
  • Formulate and implement an operational pumping and cooling tower fan sequence that minimises electrical consumption.
  • Fine-tune the condenser water system ensuring minimal electrical consumption without affecting tenant comfort or critical air conditioning for the computer rooms.

The background

The building had an Optergy Enterprise EMS with over three years of energy consumption data and the ability to track and tune any strategies in real-time. The energy consumption from the base building tenant condenser water system was reduced by 69% and over the next 12 months yielded a total of 250 MWh energy savings or the equivalent of $50,000 at 0.2c per kWh, with an ROI under two years.

The tenants were extremely satisfied with their reduced energy costs and increased energy star rating of the building. The landlord was equally pleased with the increased energy star rating for the buildings as this meant an increase in capital value as well as an opportunity to attract potential tenants.