Holmesglen Institution announce official opening of HVAC Centre of Excellence

Holmeslglen Institution announced the official opening of their new HVAC Centre of Excellence on the 28th May 2019. The HVAC Centre of Excellence at Holmesglen is an Australian-first initiative which will see world class training provided to apprentices across various mechanical and electrical industries on BMS and HVAC systems. The Centre is a result of a combined venture between the Holmesglen Institute and the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA), funded by the Victorian Government Workplace Training Innovation Fund to meet increasing industry needs for greater technical training.

Designed to be a learning centre for mechanical apprentices, the Holmesglen HVAC Centre of Excellence will help upskill existing technicians and help apprentices learn and familiarise themselves with equipment they would typically find in modern-day HVAC systems. As technology in the HVAC industry has improved over the years, new workers to the HVAC industry need to be up to date with what is the current technology.

Alerton Australia were tasked to provide the building automation works to monitor and control the equipment on site. These included air handling units, VAV boxes, chillers, boilers, pumps, energy recovery ventilation unit, heat exchangers and chilled beams. Apprentices now have the chance to work hands-on with Alerton and Optergy equipment to get a first-hand look about how the BMS ties smart buildings together. Students will learn how the system is controlled and monitored via the BMS front end. Through the Proton by Optergy, the users (students and teachers) have access to interactive and informative displays that will give illustration and information of the system that will greatly assist in technical learning. With this combination of on-the-job training and expert classroom instruction, we are excited to meet the next generation of skilled mechanical services professionals.

Holmesglen HVAC Centre of Excellence Award Opening
Alerton Australia Leading Edge Automation Holmesglen HVAC Centre of Excellence Award
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