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We can provide energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions

Energy Solutions
Energy Services
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Energy solutions and tools to efficiently and effectively operate your building

We offer comprehensive Energy Management Monitoring and Forecasting tools, backed by a team of professionals including energy auditors and engineers. We ensure building owners and facilities manager have all the energy management tools needed to control and reduce building energy consumption.

Energy Services

Collect and analyse data to enable highest system efficiency and reduce operational costs.

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Energy Metering Solutions

Collect and monitor energy and sustainability data for reporting and analysis for improved decision making.

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Energy Management Systems

Monitor and analyse data across all your building sites to find energy saving opportunities.

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Our systems can precisely track and then automatically bill tenants for after-hours energy consumption

Optimum Start

Optimum Start ensures tenant comfort at occupancy while minimising equipment run-time.

Demand Limiting

Maximise your energy use with demand limiting to reduce peak demand charges from the utility provider.

Energy Logging

Energy Logging enables you to monitor all types of energy usage including electric, gas, hot water and chilled water.

Key benefits of our energy solutions:

Reduce costs

Save on costs by proactively managing your energy use.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Achieve stronger market position by demonstrating your 'green' credentials.

Better environment

Create a better building environment by improving working conditions.

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