Quick Notes

Sector: Accommodation

Contract Type: BMS & EMS

Developer: Accor Hotels



The background

IBIAS Hotels are a longtime customer with an Alerton Ibex system that needed to move into the next generation of BMS. Alerton upgraded 1 street level (level 10) with BACnet and MS-4 room controllers. We upgraded the remaining rooms (150) over 3 months, including the main plant controllers. We also retained the more recently upgraded Alerton ABS 3.0 front end, removed all BCM-TUX globals and re-engineered DDC for the completed BACnet system. Implemented supply air monitoring and fault diagnosis for suspect mechanical valve operation or control.

The results

The system is now fully operational again, maintenance has a greater level of monitoring of the system. The main plant energy use is at an all-time low due to a more sophisticated control system and smarter engineering.