University of Canberra


September 2013 - ongoing



We began cutover of the University of Canberra in September 2013. This involved our equipment being put into all buildings on Campus that currently had a BMS which were all centrally linked to our Optergy Enterprise Frontend. The last building was cutover in June 2016.

We now currently look after the Campus’s EMS, BMS, lighting interface, street lighting control (currently cutting over all street lights onto our system) with bulb outage monitoring and security interface and alarming.



With Security, they currently have 4-5 different systems throughout their buildings, they were after a solution to minimise this. Out solution was that because we now have Alerton Control cards throughout all there buildings, it would not be a large task for us to start monitoring their motion sensors, tamper sensors, reed switches etc. So now those systems are being monitored on our UI.

Street lighting the University wanted to be able to control and visualise what lights they have control of and when they were turning off and on. We then offered the extra solution of monitoring the current on each of their lighting circuits so that we can automatically let them know if a light bulb was out.

The University want to become an energy provider and currently they do not know all their energy usage throughout the Campus. So we are now currently offering to setup interactive single line diagrams on their system. So that they can visualise and monitor all energy flow throughout the campus.


We now have all of Facility Maintenance and their contractors using our system daily. Also using our system are security, head of schools and tenants.


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