Implemented for


The BMS existing at Neon House was an outdated system with inherent control issues and did not provide the full functionality that the building owners required.

Implemented Period

September 2014


• Provide full functionality
• Achieve energy savings
• Achieve effective control of dual duct heating system


• Develop new control strategy
• Facilitate after-hours billing


• Energy Savings – 80,000kWh(10%)
• Savings – $12,000
• CO2 offset – 67 tonnes per annum


The existing BMS was an old system that had become outdated, had some inherent control issues, did not provide the full functionality that the building owners now require and relied upon elderly pneumatic control hardware which had become difficult to maintain. There was also a drive to achieve energy savings by more effective control of the HVAC systems.


The biggest challenge was achieving effective control of the dual duct heating system. The consultant engaged by the building owner had specified a control strategy to control the dual duct system as a VAV system. This proved ineffective and a new control strategy was developed and implemented by us which has proved to be effective and efficient.


Our scope entailed a Full BMS cut-over including replacement of old pneumatic control hardware and control of a dual duct full building HVAC system.

We were able to develop a solution using our Optergy platform, Alerton DDCs, installation of new Belimo 24v control actuators and ABB variable speed drives (VSDs). We were able to develop a control strategy to effectively operate the dual duct system including reducing fan speeds where appropriate and zoning the areas within the building for more efficient after hours operation. We were also able to facilitate after hours billing which enables the owner to recoup the cost of operating the building outside of the tenants contracted hours.


Robust control of the dual duct system was achieved providing consistent and comfortable building conditions.

Energy savings included being able to reduce the main system fan speed by up to 20% by use of the VSD in conjunction with the controls.


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