Quick Notes

Sector: Commercial

Contract Type: BMS 

Owner: John Holland

Developer: John Holland

Mech Contractor: A.G. Coombs

Location: 45 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park, Sydney


The background

We are delivering the BMS for this new 9 Storey A-Grade Commercial Building in Macquarie Park’s thriving business district. The project site is owned and developed by John Holland, and is the first and largest building of eight to be constructed in the precinct. The building will become the home to the NSW Government’s Transport for NSW division, which will occupy Levels 1 to 6 as part of an integrated fit-out during base-building construction.

Our solution

The project consists of a Central Chilled Water System, Condenser Water System, Heating Hot Water System, 12 Air Handling Units, 344 VAVs, ventilation fans and thermal metering.