June 2020 Announcement

We are pleased to announce that our QLD business division previously known as Leading Edge Automation are officially rebranding as Alerton Australia.

Leading Edge Automation QLD name change Alerton Australia

We’re thrilled to unveil our new brand corporate identity! From 1st July 2020, our QLD office, previously known as Leading Edge Automation will be known as Alerton Australia. This is not a drastic shift in direction, merely a repositioning of two businesses that have always been the same in nature and operations yet have been distinguished by location.

Alerton Australia and Leading Edge Automation (both business divisions of the Oberix Group), are building automation companies with long history and the same strong values.

In the 28 years that we have been empowering our clients with smart building automation and energy management solutions that drives efficiency and productivity, we have operated as Leading Edge Automation in Queensland (and globally in Singapore and the United Kingdom), while we have operated as Alerton Australia throughout the rest of Australia.


Alerton Australia Leading Edge Automation Office Locations

To clarify our branding and future direction, we have made the decision to unify the business automation divisions of the Oberix Group within Australia across all states.

Alerton Australia will now be the focus brand within Australia and Leading Edge Automation will remain our global brand across the rest of the world as we continue our international growth and success. This name change signifies our strong commitment to the future of our business and the solutions and service which we offer our clients.

We’ve always been a forward-thinking business, and for us the future brings further evolution and innovation. We will still encompasses all of the same top-notch building automation and energy management solutions, technology, intelligence and service you rely on to manage and operate highly efficient buildings.

For now, we’re only changing our name, but we have big plans for the future of HVAC&R and the building industry. We have some exciting plans to leverage more great technology into our building automation and energy management solutions, to help make your buildings work!