Implemented for


Mudgee TAFE wanted to construct a new energy efficient building to increase the TAFE’s teaching facilities.

Implemented Period

January 2016


• Incorporate Green Building Council of Australia's framework to ensure new building achieved a Green Star rating.


• Control and monitor equipment
• Precondition outside air
• Install panels to indicate natural ventilation suitability
• Optergy Enterprise system and interface to track and analyse consumption, generate reports to identify usage trends and allow for proactive planning


• 5 star green rating building
• Unified interface to track and analyse consumption
• Proactive planning


This new building was constructed to increase the TAFE’s teaching facilities. The building houses computer rooms and labs, teaching, study, and common areas, and printing resources.


This new building was designed with sustainability in mind and aims to minimize its environmental footprint. As a result the building design and construction has been carried out incorporating the Green Building Council of Australia’s framework in order to achieve a Green Star rating. This will not only reduce the buildings environmental footprint, but also improve efficiency and subsequently reduce operational costs.


Alerton was responsible for the control and monitoring of much of the equipment needed to achieve the Green Star rating.

The air conditioning system is directly controlled by the BMS and is only activated if an occupant requests heating/cooling and the environmental conditions favour the use of mechanical systems rather than natural ventilation.

Energy Recovery Ventilators were used to precondition the outside air using the conditioned exhaust air to improve the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Panels are installed in most rooms to indicate to the occupants if the weather conditions are suitable for natural ventilation.

Building electricity and water consumption as well as electricity generated from the vast photovoltaic array on the building’s roof are logged on Optergy Enterprise. This allows the BMS users to track and analyse building consumption as well as generate reports to identify usage trends and options to further improve efficiency. A Foyer display displays relevant information to the buildings occupants. This information includes real-time consumption data, sustainable building features, and weather conditions.


The building is now one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in NSW, and an impressive example of sustainable architecture and technology, giving it a five-star rating by the Green Building Council of Australia.


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